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Since our inception in 1992, North American Bancard has been committed to one single focus — the success and satisfaction of our customers. Our reputation for responsiveness, integrity, and quality services has propelled us to the top of the electronic payment processing industry. As a registered MSP/ISO for more than a decade, we have gained the expertise needed to perform and excel for our customers. We are dedicated to providing the latest technology as well as committing to the highest service levels. With more than 900 enthusiastic full-time employees at our corporate office in Troy, Michigan, we are staffed for dynamic growth. At North American Bancard, honesty, integrity, and commitment are more than words. They are the foundation upon which our company is built. They are an integral part of our culture, and nowhere is this fact more pronounced than in our relationship with our Sales Partners. We work closely with our Sales Partners, enabling them to reach and exceed their full potential. That's why we're there for you every step of the way. As our partner, you can expect nothing less than the best in sales support, access to cutting-edge products, and the opportunity to build a lucrative portfolio.

We’re backed by North American Bancard Holdings, the sixth largest non-bank merchant acquirer in North America. This means we’ve put in the time to learn the intricacies of the payments industry and know how to make it work for you and your business. We believe that running a business should be easy for everyone. With point of sale software, hardware, and business management tools, you’ve got everything you need to accept credit card payments, sell more to your customers, and keep your employees organized. Payanywhere is a solution that is perfect for your business.

Didgebridge is a leading-edge marketing communications company. Didgebridge specialize in creating privacy focused world-class omnichannel products and solutions for marketers, agencies, and brands. We have developed a proprietary platform for delivering private web pathways with rich-analytics while to consumers while preserving consumer data privacy. Our leadership experience includes 25 years of best of class sales/marketing with companies such as Gillette, Wilson Sporting Goods, Brunswick & Kodak. We then uniquely merged this experience with our award-winning Digital-Marketing Team. Together, we thus offer unrivaled, ROI-powerful, approaches to omnichannel marketing. Didgebridge offer a variety of solutions from full-service website design, 1:1 loyalty marketing, video production, complete brand building and corporate strategy and growth consulting services. Our client (customer) experience includes Fortune 500 companies, agencies, and non-profits---with a primary focus on small-to-midsize businesses. It is with these SMB where we believe we can offer the most powerful ROI-focused, growth acceleration value.

Our cloud based Casual Dining & QSR POS software is equipped to take in multiple orders, be it online or offline. CAS is the management portal and can be accessed anyplace. Get real time reporting of all sales & inventory activity & much more. Deploy a Web or Facebook store in minutes from data in your POS.

Use the cloud based software on state-of-the-art hardware to increase speed and reduce downtime. Intuitive touch based user interface makes Uzeli easy to learn and use. Custom Growthzilla designed tablets ensure reliability at a very reasonable price. Cloud based printer and credit card terminal ease remote support.


HotSauce Technologies has been the leading software provider for hospitality applications serving restaurants, bars and nightclubs since 1998. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has grown tremendously due to the incredible demands for a powerful, reliable, yet cost effective product.

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